Body Treatments

Black Soap scrub 30 min

Cream scrub 30 min

Rassoul wrap 30 min


Oriental Massage (relaxing massage) 30/60/90/120 min

Ayurvedic Massage (tonic and muscular massage) 60/90/120 min

Balinese Massage (relaxing and stretch massage) 60/90/120 min

Polynesian massage ( wrapping  above & below)60 min

Shiatsu massage (acupressure on body) 60 min

Slimming Massage (with chinese cup) 60 min

Back Massage 30min

Light legs Massage (tonic and fresh massage) 45min

Scalp and face Massage 20min

Foot & half legs Massage Treatment (bath, scrub, mask & massage)45min

Reflexology 60min


Radiance Beauty facial 30min

Gold precious facial 60min

High jewelery facial 90 min

Manicures, Pedicures & Gel

Basic Manicure/ Pedicure 30min

Luxury Manicure/ Pedicure 60/ 75min

Polish/ French Manicure 15min

Permanent Polish 35min

Removal 15min

Healthy Nails Gel 90 to 120min

Fill Nails Gel 60min


Lash & Make-up

Eyelash lift 60min

Eyelash extension 60 to 120 min

Eyelash tinting 30min

Eyebrown tinting 30min


Make-Up 60min

Permanent Make-up ( Eyebrown, Eye liner, Contour Lips, Fill Lips) 60 to 120 min


Waxing & laser

Facial waxing eyebrowns, top lips & chin 15min each

Underarms, arms 15min

Half or full leg wax 30 to 60min

Bikini, extended bikini 30 to 60min 

Chest or Back wax 30 to 60 min


Laser for each area (ask me)



Brushing or Hairstyle 30 to 60 min

Cut 30 to 60min

Color 60min

Physical trainers, yoga coach

Osthéopathe, Kiné

Emilie, Founder.

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