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Messages: 29


(29 July 2019)

Perfect journey, I enjoyed a lot.

Barbara, ETAT-UNIS

(26 July 2019)

I had an amazing massage pool side. Emily came to the villa where we are staying and came on time and prepared what an amazing experience, I will definitly use MY BIO MONDE again.


(26 Juillet 2019)
Professionnelles, efficaces, de bons conseils... je recommande vivement. Je suis très agréablement surprise. Merci pour tout :) 


(5 April 2018)

I've experienced Emilie's massages already few times and it was always amazing. Very personal, relaxing... It helped me to "switch off" for a bit and enjoy the moment without thinking about anything else. I always feel much better after massage. It feels like release of stress and tension from my intense work life. MY BIO MONDE in three words: Relax, personal approach, top.

Anonymous/ LIBAN

(24 February 2018)

I appreciated the massage quality and the availability. I was very relaxed. MY BIO MONDE in three words: Professionalism, passion, positivism.

Anonymous/ ENGLAND

( 1 February 2018)

The pressure and accuracy was perfect. Also the treatment was not rushed with perfect time on the problem areas. I was extremely relaxed. Thank you,  I received multiple massages with Emilie, but I tried her therapeutic massage and I feel is perfect for me. 


Karine/ NICE

(31 January 2018)

I appreciated the professionalism and the service was just wonderful, I recommend. I felt very comfortable during the massage and very relaxed afterwards. The first experience was very positive, hoping for many more.

Palina/ RUSSIA

(2 August 2016)

Fantastic massage. Wonderful music, amasing oils. I have enjoyed every minute of my treatment. Thank you so much.


(24 July 2016)

It was just magnificent.

Paul-Marie/ BELGIUM

(24 July 2016)

Not only your massage is "outstanding" but I deducted that you are, in the moral sense of the term, a "good person". Good luck in your companies and, I promises you, see you soon!


(20 July 2016)

Very good massage + oils and music made the home feel like a spa! Really good technique!


(18 July 2016)

It was one of the best massages than I knew, very professional. Thanks and good luck. 

Natali/ ISRAËL

(16 June 2016)

The best massage.

Vincent/ IRAN

(4 June 2016)

Excellent massage


(3 June 2016)

Emilie has an amazing and healing touch. I loved the massage and facial. Very relaxing and I look forward to my next visit to France and a few more healing sessions.


(7 May 2016)

Emilie has made me realise how much I need to take care of my body, not only in terms of exercise but in listening to it. The mind controls how we feel, we must give space for mental relaxation. Her massage therapy is amazing. Thank you so much.


(5 May 2016)

Great overall experience! Emilie is very professional and passionate - one of the best massages I've ever had.

Philippe/ MONACO

(11 April 2016)

Finally a professional massage to Monaco!!! I have been looking for you from a long time.

Thank you for this great relaxation. See you soon.


(13 February 2016)

A huge satisfaction for a first for me!! I did not expect to really release withthe worries that run us all the time! Congratulations and thank you to Emilie for her talent!


(29 January 2016)

Young woman very pleasant, effective and qualitative massage. To recommend with eyes closed


(17 December 2015)

- Emilie is always punctual and never too late.
- She is super friendly and is always asking about the health and how are you feeling today.
- Every kind of massage is possible; back, whole body, legs- like you prefer.
- Emilie is always reliable, uses good smelling massage oil which is always organic, and she begins the massage with a ritual - perfect to bring your mind down and to be free for the massage.
- She is always sincere and charming.

Nathalie/ MENTON

(30 October 2015)

A big thank you to Emilie, beautiful person with immense generosity, who takes the time to listen you and give you great share tips to improve your well being.


Emilie thank you again for your kindness.


(30 October 2015)

Really quick reliable and best manicure I've had.

Freddy/ FRANCE

(25 February 2015)

Nice leg massage after a hard workout! Will repeat it without hesitation. Thank you.


(20 February 2015)

I received a very good service from BIO MONDE, My Private Wellness Therapist! Than you Emilie.

Phillippe/ MONACO

(16 February 2015)

I can confirm that I had a super massage and I had an adorable person.

Simone/ FRANCE

(4 February 2015)

I had a massage, it was great! The practitioner is very professional and I was delighted with her kindness and her listening.


( 29 January 2015)

Thank you for your professionalism, your smile and your kindness; but above all to thank you for listening and the customisation you make to the treatments offered (it makes a big difference with the major chains I go usually). See you very soon because without a doubt, I will again appeal to you in the coming days.


( 26 January 2015)

Very professional. Have taken the time to advise me on my diet and my health. Very smiley and I feel that Emily is passionate about her job and areas that gravitate around. I followed your advice and my back is much better, thank you again.

Emilie, Founder.

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