January 2016

EVENT. BIO MONDE wish the best to their clients et visitors for 2016 years. Beautiful and happy new years everybody..

                March 2014


Natura Teao Massage* from Polynesia,

Massage* with Tiare monoï real. Wrapping, rocking and comforting, this massage* inspired by polynesian tradition. Employing the forearm technique, this massage* is a harmony with the elements and the nature.


   Décember- January 2015


BIO MONDE wish you beautiful festive season, as well as an happy year. We send you our best wishes, the fulfillment of your 2015 objectives. Lots of love, happiness, to all of you. Happy news years 2015.


Think about your new heath resolutions.

           October 2014

NEWS  The SHIATSU massage on massage table. Pressures on meridian, which represent the energy ways, Deeply relaxing to balance your body and release tensions. Try-it...

                     May 2014

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